Welcome to Take It Outside Excursions!

Take It Outside Excursions offers all-inclusive getaways to re-aquaint you with the Great Outdoors of the Midwest and beyond. We are a Cincinnati-based travel outfit equipped to lead you and your friends on the next exciting outdoor adventure!

Engage in several exciting outdoor activities, as well as learn sustainable stewardship practices with our certified TIOEX guides and instructors. Whether your adventure skill level is novice or experienced, this is your time to to take it outside!

Our adventure guides will ensure a safe and memorable experience for you and your group. Whether your goal is to soothe your soul through a holistic yoga and Reiki B&B weekend, or to get fit and cool off by learning to paddle flatwater safely, and run some trails around our campsites... We will customize our inclusive excursions to your personal skill and experience level. Don't be shy, this is your time to take it outside, and do something different this year!

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